Get rid of that stupid axe and this is an ideal outfit.


The Mens’ Adventure by Lyla & Blu
a bit challenging to fit in the looks of all our city dwellers, the mountain climbers, 
the young folk. This classy fit thrives with many a situation, making the versatility
a key part to the wear & wearer. So, whether you are drafting up those red-lines, 
drinking dry whiskey, or cuffing up those Levis to cross a river; this outfit will do you the favor of remaining comfortable, classy and useful.  

Inspired by our good gentlemen; 
OhPioneer! LostinAmerica, ThinkNorth,
YoungFolkSociety, JaredTomas, GtheGentlemen,
ManwithaSpade, AnchorDivision & WilliamValle 

(via 1924us)